Cross Channel SystemCross Channel System

Your data are stored inside your personal profile together with your measurements and size.

You can log in on the website, check previous orders, check previous orders and keep shopping. Using pre-developed HRDI Sphere Image you can choose your appropriate interior design ground to enpower. The emotional impact of the items based on a real landscape.

Taylormatic Workflow Taylormatic Workflow


The first step is to project your item using 2D CAD software. In order to have a right and clean position of the polygons without changing the layout geometry of the objects , it's necessary to use 3D software.

3D Model

Using 3D software that simulates in a realistic way the physics of materials, you can create perfect 3D models of the items starting from the CAD project. The 3D model will match real items in every detail.

Photorealistic Rendering

Taylormatic integrates a Real Time Engine which provides a photorealistic rendering of the items. Thanks to its superb quality, Taylormatic can be used in different scenarios: presentation system for internal purposes such as previewing how new products would look like before they are finalized, flexible multiplatform configurator for every kind of industry field, from fashion to furniture and automotive.

Product configuration

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